What can I do?
Become an Associate of NOE

ImageYou can become involved and support the work of the National Office for Evangelisation by becoming a prayer partner. Prayer, as described by The Catechism of the Catholic Church, is a “vital necessity” (2744). By becoming a prayer partner, you would be combining your prayers with the prayers of other Australians, as well as the works of the NOE, to promote the evangelisation of our country.

Create a Welcoming Parish

Here are some tips for creating a Welcoming Parish.

Tips for Evangelisation

ImageThings to do to better evangelise.

  1. Dedicate a little more time to prayer so you have more to give to others
  2. Share a smile with a stranger on the bus, in the playground or in the workplace
  3. Pass on to a friend a book, CD, DVD or web link about the Catholic faith
  4. Carry out an act of service to someone in need
How to Pray

ImagePrayer is natural to human persons
We are here only because God made us, and we depend completely on Him. It is natural that man should acknowledge this fact. "What do you have that was not given to you?" (1 Cor. 4: 7).

Prayer is common courtesy

It is courteous to return thanks for a gift. God's gifts to us deserve our gratitude. "What return can I make to Yahweh for all his goodness to me?" (Ps. 116: 12).

The Rosary

ImageThe Rosary in our spiritual life
Prayer of the heart as well as vocal prayer is an integral part of the Rosary. In saying each decade, we should try to keep in mind the particular mystery commemorated by it. While it remains a private devotion in honour of Mary, the Mother of God, the Rosary is like a book of Christian doctrine and spirituality. In its twenty mysteries we consider the four great aspects of salvation; the Incarnation in the joyful mysteries, the Redemption in the sorrowful, the Kingdom now present in the very person of Jesus in the luminous and the life beyond the grave in the glorious mysteries The very words of the Hail Mary are the story of God's plan to redeem mankind.

The Prayers of the Rosary

ImageThe Rosary is prayed on Rosary beads, and begins with the Sign of the Cross. Next are the introductory prayers, which consist of The Apostles’ Creed, followed by The Lord’s Prayer, three Hail Mary’s and a Glory Be. After that, pray the five ‘decades’ of the Rosary, relevant to the day of the week. One decade consists of The Lord’s Prayer, ten Hail Mary’s and the Glory Be, whilst meditating on the specific mystery. After the Glory Be and before the next decade begins, pray the Fatima prayer. When the five decades are finished, conclude with the Hail, Holy Queen the Concluding Prayers, any other prayers you would like to add, and finally the Sign of the Cross.

Mysteries of the Rosary

(Recited on Mondays and Saturdays.)

1. Annunciation. Imagine the scene; an angel appears to Mary as she prays in her house at Nazareth to announce that God is ready to fulfil His promise of the Redeemer and that she, an obscure and humble girl, and a consecrated virgin, is chosen to be the mother of the King of Kings. At her words, "Be it done to me according to thy word", the Holy Spirit overshadows her and Christ is conceived in her womb. This was the most joyful scene in the history of the world up until that time. It is full of meaning. What do you find in it?